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Fantasy Legends Sock Puppets
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1st-Sep-2006 11:15 pm - Uh, hi.
Yes, I know, Lucti has an old LJ, but I have neither the password or the e-mail account I used for that one. Go me. So, yeah. This is Luctisonus's new journal.
28th-May-2006 04:49 am - Another one rides the bus!
Everyone's favorite would-be Aes Sedai now has a LJ! Keep on the lookout for the occasional log and sphere recordings from the man himself, with the proper fumblings of an Ivalician trying to use a Spiran device. XD
17th-May-2006 09:18 pm - *falls over*
that's all i ask for


I have tagged all of the entries on the community. Lookit!
29th-Apr-2006 06:34 am(no subject)
Hi, I'm Reize. :D

Yeah, I'm the one that's currently in Misawa, Japan. I'll likely have a hard time getting RP with the dorm situation and lack of internet connection, but I will have a connection soon. Believe it. e.e
19th-Jan-2006 08:59 pm - Just Curious.... (OOC)
I want honest answers here please.... Should I keep Nel or no? I mean the last time I asked this question people said not to get rid of her but yet.... I get no RP. I mean she's really fun to play with but all I am basically doing is idling with her. I'll try and try to get RP with her but it seems like all I have been getting is the cold sholder from people. It's has gotten to the point I can just look at the name of the person and can tell if I even have a /small/ chance of getting RP or be downright rejected. So I am just curious if ya'all even want Nel around. I am not trying to get attention or anything like that... I just want to know. So please give me an honest answer. Thank you for ya'all's time.
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